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So we must keep up with the trends. In 2017 we are in the age of the soundbite, readers value small and easily digested chunks of information. This is reflected in the growth of minimalistic blogs ? in particular, ones found widely on Pinterest. Recently I have taken to revamping my blog and in doing so have conducted a lot of research on what to consider when designing your blog. So today I am sharing with you 10 rules I think you should try to obey when designing your blog. Here are my 10 tips for designing a blog in 2017: 1.

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Expect an entry level position where you will have to work your way up. There is NOTHING wrong with this approach. These programs are often 1 or 2 years. Just know what to expect when you walk out with your certificate in hand or on wall. Longer term programs like a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree are often 3 4 years, and offer a more in depth base to work from. Graduating from these programs give you a better chance of landing higher end jobs, but don't guarantee this result. Both short and long term programs most often offer a work placement into a related business/studio during or after your studies. This is very important for gaining experience which is often required for landing your first job. Some students get lucky, and get hired from the place they are doing their work practicum. Other students might even get hired before they even finish their program. Often schools will have good relationships with the industry in their area, and keep these businesses informed about their students.

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At Softwebworks, we know how to use appropriate resources to create and spread message giving topmost priority to the creative aspect of designing.

For smaller projects.

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