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Modernism is a term used in the aftermath of the 1st world war and the Russian revolution in a period where the artistic avant grade dreamed of a new world free from conflict, greed and social inequality. The term modernism was used in graphic design itself since around the 1925 1930, as once economic conditions improved designers had to reassess their work, adapting it to a mass markets, and sometimes even to the demands of fascism. Initially before this time modernism was only largely experimental but then moved from the sketch board to the real world. Modernism has survived for all this time and still remains a powerful force of the design world of today. Designing a new world VandA: 1Designing a new world VandA goes on to talk about how modernism was promoted back then. It states that as modernism was campaigned, it generated many exhibitions and countless books, journals, posters and advertisements. Then it goes on to say that in both design and content it would argue the case of ‘New’, often with a generational and political bias against the old. Lastly under “promoting modernism”, it states that Modernist graphic design and advertising came to be known as the New Typography and it favoured sans serif lettering, sometimes without uppercase letters and Typo Photo in which photographic images were montage alongside type. Also Colour and composition were influenced by abstract paints. In my opinion when it come to Modernism as a whole it can be a bit disturbing in regards to the political side of things and in regards to the way it was used, but when it come to design itself I prefer modernist design only because of the outcome of a particular design, I guess I am attracted to the way they are composition, together, and in order, I generally like that fact that I need to work toward some sort of order/grid/rule but only to a certain extent. Designing a new world VandA: 12Paul Rand born Peretz Rosenbaum, August 15, 1914 – November 26, 1996 was a well known American graphic designer, best known for his corporate logo designs.

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Flexwindow Easy content management via e mail Many e mail list management companies provide online templates for their customers.

If you don’t know which niche to choose, then it’s good to consider something that you would be interested in learning about.

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